1st ICCD ( 1st International Congress on Cardiology & Diabetes) was organized at New Delhi, India in 1999 by DR, RB Singh

2nd ICCD at Kosice, Slovakia in 2002 by Dr Daniel Pella &Rafael Rybar

3rd ICCD at Taipei, in Taiwan 2004 by Dr CW Kong and Dr Sy.

4th ICCD at Mumbai, India in 2005 by Dr SB Gupta

5th ICCD at Kosice, Slovakia in 2009 by Dr Daniel Pella & Dr Jan Fedacko

6th ICCD at New Delhi, India in 2011 by Dr RB Singh/ Dr Adarsh Kumar

7th ICCD at Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2013, by Dr Krasimira Hristova

8th ICCD at Recife, Brazil, in 2015,, byDr Hilton Chaves,

9th ICCD at Dubai,UAE, in 2017, by Dr Galal Elkilany,

10th ICCD, Dubai, 2021,by Dr. Galal Elkilany

11th International Congress of Cardiology and Diabetes, October 21-22, 2022, Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza, Egypt