About ICC

The International College of Cardiology (ICC) is a professional organization of physicians, nurses and scientists involved in all fields of cardiology (basic & clinical), lipid disorders and imaging techniques used in cardiovascular system. The organization was founded in 1999 by prof. Ram B Singh and prof. Daniel Pella.

ICC’s Mission

ICC is committed to excellence in cardiovascular medice and its application to patient care through education, advocacy, research, innovation and service to our members and the public. Our members are mostly Cardiology Specialists dedicated to improving their patients’ health and quality of life.

This college without walls would stimulate the Experts with keen scientific intellect for exchange of views on Biological and Clinical Cardiology through conferences, workshops and publication of academic material of international standard at cheaper cost of developing world for educating the experts working in newly industrialized and developing countries.


1999-2003 Ram B Singh (India)
2004-2005 CW Kong (Taiwan)
2006-2009 Ram B Singh (India)
2009-2011 Daniel Pella (Slovakia)
2012-2013 Adarsh Kumar (India)
2014-2015 Krasimira Hristova (Bulgaria)
2016-2017 Hilton Chaves (Brasil)
2018- Ongoing Galal Elkilany (United Arabic Emirates)

The Aims and the Objects of the International  College of Cardiology

(1) To arrange national and international meetings irrespective of caste, creed, religion, sex or place of residence for exchange of view on recent research in Cardiology, Focused on Atherosclerosis, hypertension, Coronary artery Disease, Echocardiography and Diabetes Mellitus.

(2) To arrange refresher courses for the qualified and registered medical practioners in different parts of the world. Such courses shall not impart basic medical education leading to award of degree.

(3) To publish journals, news bulletins and other such materials for the knowledge of the members of the college, health education of people and advice the governments for proper policies on Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases.

(4) To award Fellowships and Grants to the eminent workers on Cardiovascular diseases prevention and Echocardiography.

(5) To raise funds by subscriptions, research grants and donations and other means for the above objects and administering of funds raised as aforesaid thereof.

(6) To crossover basic, clinical and translation research to prevent cardiovascular dieases.

(7) To support Molecular & Bioinformatics research in Cardiology to help clinical cardilogist and patients.

(8) To support telemedicine and apllications which should be used in Cardiology.

ICC membership is open to all with an interest in cardiovascular medicine and science.  Join the most important voice in Cardiology World ! 

Board of Directors

ICC has Board of Directors composed by members who are cardiovascular specialists. These individuals are elected to the Board by a nominations process, open to all voting members and ratified by the membership of the organization. Individuals elected to the Board serve for two years.