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Košice, Slovakia

International Congress of Cardiology and Diabetes (ICCD 2020) will take place in Košice, Slovakia on 20-21 March 2020.

ICCD 2020 will cover the most highly anticipated innovations in cardiovascular, cardio-metabolic and diabetes research, trials and practice. For the first time we will assess new data regarding regenerative medicine, bioinformatics, telemedicine and applications that should be used in clinical practice.

The scope and quality of presentations and discussions held at ICCD 2020 makes this congress the leading event in the above-mentioned research areas.  Please, take this opportunity to take your career to the next level in your selected field.

Organizing Committee : Fedacko Jan, Singh Ram B, Hristova Krassimira, Pella Daniel, Pella Dominik, Banik Michal, Sonderlichova Simona, Lengyel Peter

Scientific Committee : Fedacko Jan, Singh Ram B, Hristova Krassimira, Pella Daniel, Galal EN Elkilany, Singh Jaipaul , Nanda Navin